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Star Citizen Referral Code:


Why use a referral code for Star Citizen?

Using a referral code gives you an additional UEC 5,000 which is the in-game currency. This is about $5 in value currently plus any taxes. The value of UEC per US Dollar may change in the future though. But it is still a nice, free bonus to have. 5,000 UEC might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but its literally free money, so there is no logical reason to not get it.

Ready to get started? Use the link in the box below or enter code.

STAR CITIZEN sign-up Bonus!

Get 5,000 UEC extra (in-game cash) using this sign-up link or code: STAR-4KC6-3M6C

How to use a Star Citizen referral code?

Just enter the code STAR-BX2G-7NDL in the box when you first sign-up for Star Citizen using this link. Once you click on that link, you will be directed to the sign-up page. The referral code should be automatically filled in. This screenshot demonstrates what it should look like:


Can you use a referral code after sign up?

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. The referral code must be entered at the time of account creation. However, you can always  create a NEW account and use the referral code there to get the extra in game cash. This might be a good idea if you haven’t actually spent any money in your account.

What is UEC used for?

UEC is used for buying everything in the game. From ships to shields, weapons and even your personal armour, food and clothing. Its literally the official currency of the United Empire of Earth (UEE). UECV stands for United Earth Credits.

If you want to get an idea of how much each ship costs in terms of UEC, this linked article will help you. Remember that we are still in Alpha and all of these can and will change over time.

What is aUEC?

aUEC is Alpha UEC which is just the name given to the currency that is being used in the early, alpha stage of the game. While Star Citizen is in Alpha, it will have frequent server wipes which means any aUEC you will earn or items you buy will be reset. This is because the game is till in early development. So to make sure players are fully aware of this, they use aUEC to drive home the point that this is still alpha version of the economy.

How much time does it take to earn UEC?

Different careers offer different earning opportunities but the developer’s goal is to make all of them pretty much in line with each other so that players don’t just gravitate towards one career. it also depends on your skill level and ships. For example, I can make 100K aUEC an hour doing bounty hunting missions.

Which jobs have the best payouts in Star Citizen?

  1. Bounty Hunting. Bounty Hunting is one of the best career options right now because it pays a decently well. But that is not the reason it is #1. The reason for that is because if the game crashes (which it tends to), you wont lose your cargo or investment like with other careers. Remember that early on, you won’t be making much with bounty hunting because you will only get the low-paying, easy missions. But once you do some of those, you will gain reputation and higher-paying and harder mission swill open up. They pay more but also require better skills, better ships and better weapons on your part.
  2. Missions. Open your mobiGlas and you will see several missions. There are the ideal way to get started. Missions might be courier mission where you have to deliver a box or investigation missions etc. All are fairly simple and designed to give new players a better experience.
  3. Mining. Mining can often be even more portable than bounty hunting but it carrier an inherent risk. That risk bein pirates, girefers or even game crashes!
  4. Trading/ Cargo Hauling. Same as mining but the risk is even higher. With mining, if you get attacked or the game crashes, you only lose what you have mined. But if you are a trader and the game crashes, you will lose hundreds of thousands of UECV that you had invested in your ship.

STAR CITIZEN sign-up Bonus!

Get 5,000 UEC extra (in-game cash) using this sign-up link or code: STAR-4KC6-3M6C

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