DCS – Best Rudder Pedals (2024)

Rudder pedals are indispensable if you fly helos in DCS. You simply can’t control them properly otherwise. Same for WW2 birds. For modern jets, they are slightly less important since these jets automatically translate stick movement to the rudders as well to achieve the desired effect. This does not mean you don’t need them, it just means you can map it to some other axis on your HOTAS.

But I still recommending getting pedals because you need them for taxiing and many of the premium joysticks (like the Warthog) don’t have a twist axis which can be used for yaw control.

Anyway, you need pedals if you are even half-way serious about DCS. So here are my top recommendations.

1. Best Mid-Range Option/ Best Overall

Logitech G Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
  • Smooth and accurate self-centering rudder pedals add another layer of realistic control to your...
  • Whether you prefer the lighter response of a small aircraft or the more robust feel of a heavy jet,...

The default best go-to rudder pedal for most flight and space sims. its middle of the road when it comes to price and performance, so casual users cant go wrong with it.

  • The best bang for your buck. These are the standard option that will fit most users.
  • The movement is smooth and works well for WW2 planes, helos and jets alike.
  • The build is sturdy enough, considering the price.
  • Footrest is adjustable. This is a big plus.
  • They have toe brakes which is another plus.
  • You can adjust the tension quite easily using the big dial at the center. It’s a pretty consumer friendly product.
  • The biggest issue with the Logitechs is that they tend to move around so you will need to secure them to the ground. Maybe by using something like the Wheel Stand Pro or a DIY solution.

It’s also available on the Logitech store.

2. Best Entry Level

Thrustmaster TFRP Rudder Pedals for Flight Simulators
  • The Thrustmaster TFRP adds an innovative new product to Thrustmaster’s wide range of joysticks and...
  • Long range of travel on rudder axis for precise maneuvers.

You cant be blamed for not wanting to splurge on rudders. If you are looking for a cheap, entry level solution then you just found it!

  • These are the best entry level, budget rudders for DCS and any other flight sim for that matter.
  • If you don’t intend need something, then this is a great option.
  • Build quality is fine fore the price.
  • They don’t feel cheap even though the price is quite low.
  • They have toe bakes so that’s good too.

3. Premium Options

The MFG Crosswind and Thrustmaster TPR   are the super expensive ones. They are indeed the best, but I can’t really recommend them at that price.

I don’t think it’s all that important to have the best rudder in the market. You are better off spending any extra money on the joystick, throttle, VR headset and GPU. Once you have the absolute best in these other departments, then you can splurge on rudders.

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Gary has been "hard landing" into runways and driving his Mitsubishi Evo off of cliffs since the early 2000s. These days, he spends most of his precious hobby time with his favorite flight, racing and space simulations in VR.He also has an Engineering Degree in Computer Science which helps a lot with his obsession with optimizing PC hardware like CPUs, Graphics Cards, VR Headsets, HOTAS, Racing Wheels etc. for high end sims.