Star Citizen Videos that you must watch

Cloud Imperium Games has been releasing Star Citizen videos for almost a decade now. Many of them contain useful and helpful information that is still relevant. These are videos that touch upon important game aspects, future plans, mechanics and so on. I find myself always looking for these videos myself and I figured I would compile them all in one place. If you think any other video should be added, leave a comment below.

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1 The following video touches upon the economic aspects of Star Citizen. Tony Zurovec talks about quanta and how that system will be used to create supply and demand not just for goods, but also for services and jobs. A must watch.

2 This next one is the most important video for Squadron 42, which is the single player campaign. It shows a vertical slice of one of the early missions (work in progress) and showcases animation quality, character building, the insides of an Idris Frigate and other qualities of the campaign. One of my all time favourites.

3 This video discuses Pioneer gameplay including how land claims and buildings are planned to be handled. Its one of the more important videos since it affects the planet and moon based gameplay fundamentally.

4 The following video is the original pitch from Chris Roberts that got a lot of us interested in the game. It’s obviously quite old and the scope of the game has increased immeasurably since then (by a factor of 150x for the budget alone), but its still one of the seminal Star Citizen videos that deserves a watch.

5 This next video is essentially a commercial for the Mercury Star Runner. But it is by far the most high quality video CIG has done. It showcases the capability of the game engine, multi-crew gameplay, ground combat, quantum interdiction, surface to air combat, advocacy tools like the handcuffs, and so many other game mechanics that I had to include it in this list.

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6 Citizencon videos are always informative and they showcase whatever tech and gameplay features are coming up in the next year or so. Out of all the Citizencon videos, I think the 2018 demo is still relevant and indicative of the vision of Star Citizen’s and its intended gameplay.

7 This 2016 Citizencon video was a true jaw dropper. The 3.0 patch was revolutionary and this video perfectly demonstrated why. It has of course aged a bit, which is why its a bit lower on the list but it was one of the defining moments in Star Citizen’s history. The worm scenes in the end is still talked about to this day.

8 This video is about the Vulcan and it gives us some glimpse into refuel, repair and rearming which are all roles that the Vulcan can perform.

9 This Labours of Hercules is another informative video about the Hercules series and really cemented Crusader Industries as one of the main ship manufacturers of the Star Citizen Universe.

10 The 2019 Squadron 42 trailer is just a trailer, but it is one of my favorite game trailers of all time. An all-star cast, awesome and detailed space ships, excellent musical score, breathtaking visuals, a compelling narrative. There is nothing that this trailer doesn’t have!

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