Star Citizen – Best Starter Ships/ Packs Ranked (2022)

While having options is always good, it can make choosing your starter ship in Star Citizen a tricky proposition. Some ships look fancy, some seems to have a lot of weapons, while others seem to offer better value for money. How can one choose! Anyway, here is my ranking based after over 8 years of testing and goofing around with Star Citizen.

Before you start!

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1. Aegis Avenger Titan

The Avenger always has been and still is my top pick. It offers a lit bit of everything. Some cargo space, some combat capability, is decently fast and maneuverable and is not as weak as some of the other starter ships. It’s a jack of all trades type of ship and that is what you need when starting out. With 8 SCU of cargo space, you can make some decent cargo runs or do courier missions. It also comes with a bed which means you can log out without having to land at a space station or planet.

The best part about the avenger is that many of the other starter ships focus on cargo, while Avenger can do both cargo and combat equally well. It also looks very good from the outside although that is a matter of personal preference.

Sign up with the Avenger Titan & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusMultipurpose
UEC Price785,600
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)$ 70
Cargo Capacity8 SCU

*All stats subject to change

2. RSI Aurora

The RSI Aurora series is the absolute starter starter ship. Its cheap, its fragile, it will get you from A to B but it won’t do much else. If you just want to dip your toes into Star Citizen, it might be a decent option. But you will want to upgrade pretty soon. The biggest asset of the Aurora is obviously its price. A couple of years back, CIG had said that almost a quarter of the ships they have sold are Auroras. I expect that ratio has fallen a bit since because of the launch of so many other starter ships, but if you just want to try out Star Citizen with the minimum possible monetary commitment, this is it.

The CL variant is for trading, the ES is the basic cheapest one, LN is for combat and LX is for luxury. I recommend you just go with the CL or ES. For combat, better to get a Mustang Alpha or Avenger Titan instead.

Sign up with the RSI Aurora & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusMultipurpose
UEC Price184K-487K based on variant
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)$45-$65
Cargo Capacity3-6 SCU

*All stats subject to change

3. Anvil C8X Pisces Expedition

The Pisces is an unlikely starter up ship but it is one that will serve you rather well if you play with friends. It is an exceptionally versatile starter with some cargo capacity, two extra seats for your buddies, some offensive capability and the ability to carry boxes around for courier missions.

The fact is that CIG has been consistently improving with the ships they have been building over the years. Practice makes perfect after all. The Pisces is newer than a lot of other ships on this list which is what makes it an attractive option. To be fair, CIG is likely to go back and improve some of their older hips, but as of now, The Pisces comes with a lot of new cool bells and whistles. Essentially a cleaner design.

Sign up with the Anvil Pisces & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusScouting, Recon, Exploration
UEC Price406,000
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)$60
Cargo Capacity4 SCU

*All stats subject to change

4. Mustang Alpha

The Mustang Alpha is the competitor to the RSI Aurora in the same price range. It’s very similar to the Aurora with the main difference being in the look and feel of the space craft. The Mustang is slightly better at combat compared to the Aurora so if you need a more aggressive starter ship, then go with the Mustang. The Auroras on the other hand offer slightly more versatility in exchange for slightly inferior combat performance. For example, the Aurora has some extra room in the cabin which means you can put some extra stuff there.

I would say the difference is mostly personal preference. Some people prefer the look of the Mustang but I am personally biased towards the Aurora. That is mostly because it is one of the oldest ships in the game and its like a box with thrusters which I find infinitely charming. The Aurora may be a flying brick, but its my flying brick! The Mustang Alpha flying experience is clearly superior though.

Sign up with the Mustang Alpha & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusLight Freight
UEC Price251,400
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)$45
Cargo Capacity4 SCU

*All stats subject to change

5. Origin 300i

While I still recommend the Avenger to others, I personally like the Origin 300 series ships and it was my first starter package way back when. The 300i is the base variants and should probably be your starter pick. The other 300 series variants include a racer, explorer and a fighter for those who wish to specialize. But I would advise you to keep things simple with your first ship and just go for the base 300i model.

The 300 series of ships is sleek and stylish and that might appeal to some. You don’t really overpay for that style and don’t lose any performance which makes them a decent pick and earns them them a high spot on my list. Think of it as a solid alternative to the Avenger Titan for those who prefer its sleeker looks.

The main issue with the 300i is that it is not always available. You will have to buy a cheaper package (like the Aurora) and then upgrade to the 300i when it becomes available.

Sign up with the 300i & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusMultipurpose
UEC Price767,200
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)Buy another package and upgrade to it
Cargo Capacity8 SCU

*All stats subject to change

6. Origin 100i

The Origin 100 series are the smaller cousins of the Origin 300 series. To be honest, I was a bit confused when they were released the 100 series as they have a lot of overlap with the 300 series in terms of both performance and price. Which is why it is better to think of them as just as an extension of the 300 series line-up rather than something else entirely. 100i or 135c are good variants for generalists while the 125a is for combat focus.

One unique aspect of the 100 series is that they have the AIR system which means they can go a long while without refueling. This can be a nice thing to have for newbies who want to fly around without having to worry about high gas prices!

Sign up with the 100i & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusLight Freight
UEC Price839,000
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)$65
Cargo Capacity2 SCU

*All stats subject to change

7. Consolidated Outland Nomad

The Nomad is one of the new starter ships and it falls somewhere between the absolute starters and super starters like the Freelancer in terms of hailing capacity. It is a cargo hauler at its hear, but it does it with a different style. Think of it as a pick up truck. It has an open flat bed at the back where you put the cargo and then just fly around. It felt odd to me at first but it grows on you. It has the feeling of being out there in the great wilderness with a ship that is slightly less utilitarian than the Freelancer and has more soul.

Sign up with the Nomad Now & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusFreight
UEC Price2,061,000
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)$95
Cargo Capacity24 SCU

*All stats subject to change

8. Drake Cutlass Black (Super Starter)

The Cutlass is another excellent choice and the only reason its not #1 is because it is slightly more expensive than the other starters. It offers the same versatility as the Avenger, but everything is just a bit bigger and better. You have decent cargo, decent combat capability, a bed to log out. But perhaps the best feature is that you have some room in the back to carry a ground vehicle! That opens up a lot of new game play possibilities and that is just too good of an incentive to pass up.

That is why I have classified it as a super starter. That means it is not technically a starter ship but rather a step above it which would definitely appeal to those who are willing to spend just a tiny bit extra. Personally, I think it is totally worth it for what you get but you can just earn it in-game as well.

Sign up with the Drake Cutlass & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusMultipurpose
UEC Price1,385,300
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)$115
Cargo Capacity46 SCU

*All stats subject to change

9. MISC Freelancer (Super Starter)

The quintessential Star Citizen starter ship for traders, haulers and space truckers. If you want to get goods form A to B, make a decent amount of money while doing it and retain  some defensive firepower, then this is the ship for you! There are several variants but I recommend the base one or the MAX for even more cargo space. The MIS is for combat and while it is good, combat is not the reason to get a Freelancer. Same with the DUR.

Sign up with the MISC Freelancer & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusMedium Freight
UEC Price1,697,600
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)$125
Cargo Capacity66 SCU

*All stats subject to change

10. MISC Prospector (Super Starter)

Calling the Prospector a starter ship is a bit of a stretch, but it is a good choice to start off with if you are really into mining. Mining is already in Star Citizen and it is one of the best money makers, so a lot of new players do end up getting a Prospector sooner rather than later. It wont do anything other than mining though, so keep that in my mind.

But if you are into mining, then this is not only a great starting ship, but it will last you for a very very long time and provide you with an excellent source of cash. I expect mining to be one of the main money makers in Star Citizen along with hauling cargo which is why I recommend everyone have at least one mining ship. But the choice to buy it outright as your starter ship or to buy it in-game with in-game currency is totally up to you.

Sign up with the MISC Prospector & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusMining
UEC Price2,061,000
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)Buy another package and upgrade to it
Cargo Capacity32 SCU

*All stats subject to change

11. Anvil Arrow (Super Starter)

The Arrow is a small ship which is why it feels a little weird listing it as a super starter. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in punch. Its one of the best light fighters in the game and can easily beat much bigger foes. It can’t do much else other than fighting though so only get this if you just want to do pew-pew in the early game.

Sign up with the Arrow & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusCombat
UEC Price972,300
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)$90
Cargo Capacity0

*All stats subject to change

12. MISC Reliant Kore

MISC is a manufacturer of utilitarian, industrial ships which makes them an ideal choice for those not interested in combat but rather in heavy industry. While they make a LOT of excellent ships, their starter line-up is a bit underwhelming. The main reason, in my opinion, is that they mixed Xian technology with the Reliant series which made these ships vertical instead of having a traditional shape. This makes them much bigger targets in combat and vulnerable.

Sign up with the Reliant Kore & 5,000 extra credits

Role/ FocusLight Freight
UEC Price744,700
Pledge Price (Ship + Game package)Buy another package and upgrade to it
Cargo Capacity6 SCU

*All stats subject to change

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