Star Citizen VR Support (2020 Status)

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Star Citizen does not have official VR support currently. However, Chris Roberts has said that VR support will eventually come. I personally feel that it makes sense to hold back on VR right now. They are still developing the core game engine and implementing VR now will mean that it will keep breaking again with each major patch and additional resources will have to be spent to fix it.

I wish it wasn’t like that because space sims are AMAZING in VR. Elite looks absolutely stunning. I am mostly a flight simmer but in terms of ambience and the wow-factor, no terrestrial game can come close to the awesomeness of space.

Can you play Star Citizen in VR?

Yes, its still possible to play Star Citizen in VR suing some third-party tools and a lot of effort. VorpX is a third party paid tool that enables VR for many games including Star Citizen. I tried VR for Star Citizen and here are my thoughts:

  1. The game has tremendous potential in VR. I believe space sims are inherently awesome in VR and what I have tried so far, does look gorgeous. My favorite thing to do right now is flying between hills and mountains and driving around in a Cyclone. The caves look good too, but I don’t like the locomotion (more on this later).
  2. Star Citizen has iffy performance even in 2D right now. I didn’t notice any significant performance issues in VR that aren’t present in 2D. Of course, your PC specs matter here a lot.
  3. You will have to purchase a third-party software and spend hours getting VR to work. So only attempt this if you play SC quite a bit.
  4. Each major SC patch causes some issues, so you do need to change some things. Thankfully, there are plenty of user guides out there on places like reddit.
  5. The environment isn’t exactly true 3D and I had some issues getting the FoV just right as well. But if you really an SC + VR enthusiast, go for it! The scale of the ships is pretty amazing.
  6. Locomotion is a big use. Games like Elite or DCS or Dirt Rally don’t have to bother with locomotion since you are seated. But it can really be quite an annoyance in first person games because it feels quite unnatural and can even induce nausea.
  7. If you have bad performance, try loading into Arena Commander instead of the PU. That’s an old trick of mine and I do it whenever each of my new ships is released to try it out at a glorious 120 FPS! Luckily, the same performance benefits apply to VR as well.
  8. In conclusion, I am sticking to Elite for my space VR goodness. I do want to try VR in SC again but like I said, it takes quite a bit of tweaking and it gets broken every major patch.

How to run Star Citizen in VR?

Firstly, you need a couple of tools.

  1. First is VorpX which is a paid tool.
  2. Then you need a head tracking software that will translate your head movements to movement in SC. Most guides recommend OpenTrack.
  3. You can follow a guide like this one to get it all working. I am going to keep updating this link to ensure that it points to the latest version. The issue with YouTube videos is that they are made for one version and get outdated quickly. Text guides like this can be easily updated.
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